Double Kingslayer

Hot on the heels of my druid’s first 25-man Lich King kill, I went into ICC this week on my hunter got my first 10-man kill!

Lich King 10 kill shot

We had one night of attempts last week but couldn’t quite pull it off. This week we went in, everyone really focused and we were able to kill him within a few attempts. Defiles are significantly less stressful in 10 man and I thought the fight was a lot of fun (even though the hunter dead zone occasionally caused me some problems). I even got ported inside Frostmorne for the first time which was very cool.

In addition to that, my Horde guild got our first Putricide 25 kill last night.

It’s funny how progression works. Both my guilds were stalled for weeks. Then, BAM! new kills all over the place. Of course, the increasing ICC buff helps. But better attendance, competent raiders and improvement in performance helps a lot too.

Tonight I’ll be seeing 25-man hard modes on my druid for the first time. It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about raiding. Wish me luck! (and shiny ilvl 277 gear 😛 )

6 responses to “Double Kingslayer

  1. Woot.
    Go kick 25-man's hard mode ass!

  2. I am jealous :p

    But grats ! And good luck with hard modes 🙂

    Putricide can be a pain 😡 and the ICC buff doesn't necessarily help unless people stop dieing, so yeah.

  3. Congrats! Have fun kicking ass in hard modes!

    And good luck on the shiny ilvl 277 gear too 😛