After weeks of shoddy attendance and canceled raids, my Alliance guild finally got our act together and got in two whole nights of Lich King attempts in the last couple weeks. And now he’s dead! /dance

That was definitely the most intense fight I’ve seen in a while. My heart was pounding by the time we got to 20%. When the RL called for people to stop killing Vile Spirits and focus on the Lich King it got even worse. Running around avoiding spirits, healing the mass damage the raid was taking at the time, making sure our one surviving tank didn’t drop…so much fun!

My fiance came over after hearing my screams of victory once we hit 10%. “Why are you so excited? Everyone is dead.” I quite liked the end of the fight (although the thought that you can ruin it by pressing release is a little scary). This kill was extra exciting for me because I’ve never killed him on 10-man. I like that I got to experience it on 25 first.

Jasyla the Kingslayer. On to heroics!

A lone druid standing over the lifeless body of the Lich King.

10 responses to “Kingslayer

  1. Congrats! It's a difficult fight, but the end of it (the RP, the cut-scene, etc) is amazing.

    Good luck and have fun on heroics!

  2. Congratulations ^_^

  3. Congratulations!

  4. your only like 1/2 a YEAR late…

  5. Grats!!!

    (*silently kicks "whocares" in balls*)

  6. Thanks everyone! 🙂

  7. Grats!!

  8. Damn! Almost got Kingslayer first on your Horde toon! Time for us to get that tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!