Over the last couple months I’ve been a little bored in WoW, as many people seem to be. I am quickly running out of things I want to do on my mains. Last week I decided to dust off my alts and did some questing and random dungeons for a bit of a change. I’ve never been that into alts. I like to build up my main as much as possible, but was never willing to spend a whole lot of time on secondary characters. Now that I’m actually playing my alts, I’m really having a blast.

One of my goals before the xpac is to get a 4th character to level 80, but I don’t know who it will be. There are a few contenders:

Penthesilia – Level 77 Draenei protection warrior

Penthesilia - Draenei protection warrior

My warrior has a bit of an advantage, being the highest level of my alts. She’s also a tank, so the quick queue times for randoms are very nice. Except for a brief stint as Arms in BC, Penth is all prot, all the time. Leveling prot from 1 – 60 was…interesting. Who am I kidding? It was horrific and I must have been some kind of masochist to do it. Now I find leveling as prot quite enjoyable. It’s fun to shield slam my way through mobs and be able to take on whole packs at a time. Prot warriors also have a lot of abilities to use. I like pushing lots of buttons.

I’ve become much better at tanking instances over the last couple times I’ve played. At first the prospect of tanking dungeons with a group of players I didn’t know was daunting. I was always nervous I would suck at holding aggro or be difficult to heal. I’ve gotten much more comfortable with it now. I rarely forget my cooldowns, and I’ve become quicker on taunts when some fool mage doesn’t understand that the skull over one mob’s head means “kill me first!” I even wait for healer mana before pulling.

Feyyd – Level 76 Draenei fire mage

Feyyd - Draenei fire mage

My mage is fun, but squishy. I’m quite erratic in terms of how well I play my mage. When I’m in a dungeon, I do everything I can to stay alive and help keep others alive. I’m always using my Ice Block, or Frost Nova to keep mobs away. I like to Invis. I even use my Gift of the Naaru to help heal people when I can (I can’t help it). When I’m questing alone though, I’m completely suicidal. I run head first into packs of mobs, pulling as many as I can. I completely forget about my life-saving abilities. I die a lot. I’m definitely more interested in (and better at) dungeons than solo stuff on my mage. It’s fun to DoT up a group of mobs with Living Bomb and watching the explosions go off. Fire good.

Lamens – Level 70 Blood Elf ret/holy paladin

Lamens - Blood Elf paladin

Leveling progress on my Paladin has stalled. I burned through Azeroth and Outlands then arrived at Howling Fjord and lost interest. I’m quite tired of the Northrend starting zones after doing them on four other characters. While I enjoy the utility of the paladin, Lamens doesn’t get played much. Most of my experiences with the low level random dungeons horde-side have been negative. Add 40 minute queues to that, and they become a bit of a chore.

I’m trying to build up my healing set so it’s easier to get into randoms. I healed for the first time last week and it was an interesting experience. The healing style is completely different from my druid or shaman, so it was a nice change.

Apocalyss – Level 33 Draenei shadow priest

Apocalyss - Draenei shadow priest

I created this character a couple years ago, but she was abandoned shortly after. However, my fiance rolled a new druid recently and was looking for a leveling partner. I was happy to oblige by dusting off my priest. I’m really liking it. DoTs are great, I’ve been having lots of fun Psychic Screaming mobs in dungeons and Mind Control is cute too. I also love Power Word: Shield. I can’t wait to get to level 40 and dual-spec Disclipline.

There are only two problems I’m having so far with my priest. First, no AoE until level 75?!? Ahh! Also, there are five different things to buff yourself with every 30 minutes (more often for some) which gets a little tedious. Regardless of those two things, the priest is a lot of fun and it’s nice to play with my sweetie. I predict Apocalyss will level up very quickly.

I also have one alt that is level 80 who I don’t play much:

Hettu – Level 80 Tauren restoration shaman

Hettu - Tauren restoration shaman

One of these things is not like the others…

Hettu was my main Horde character from the beginning of Wrath until midway through Ulduar. I enjoyed shaman healing for a while. Direct, non-instant healing was interesting to master after druid healing for so long. I really liked the Lesser Healing Wave/Riptide spot healing approach. Then came the game breaker. Chain Heal was buffed, and Tidal Waves no longer reduced the cast time of LHW. It now seemed like there was little reason to cast anything but Chain Heal. That was not my idea of a good time. It also didn’t help that my guild usually ran with 7-8 healers, so healing was a little dull. I switched back to my hunter as my main, and poor Hettu was forgotten.

9 responses to “Altoholic?

  1. You leveled your warrior as prot? :O

    And, my lord, Tauren men are humungous πŸ˜€

    • Yep, leveled as prot. It's fun now, but boy did it suck at low levels.

      I love Tauren males. If I can't be a pretty elf, I want to be a big, ugly brute. πŸ˜›

  2. You seem to have the opposite problem as me – I positively love levelling alts. So much so that I *want* level an alt to help rekindle my interest at the moment, but I have no slots left to create a new character. I have plenty of level 70+ alts that I could level, but Northrend levelling bored me for some reason — possibly due to the slower pace at which the levels come. (I'd rather have 20 fast levels to climb than 10 slow one; the extra 'cookie' of levelling up more frequently keeps me chasing the that carrot.) If I weren't cemented to one guild at the moment, I'd probably be rolling alts on other servers now. Again. (this is my 3rd server with 10 toons..)

    I only have two character classes that aren't 70+, and I'm saving them for Cataclysm. I don't know what I'm going to do after that..

    I love my prot warrior, but my Horde bias keeps me from suggesting that. Unless you roll one horde-side. πŸ˜› Why not change one of Lamens' talent specs to Prot for doing dungeons?

    • I don't dislike leveling, I've just always lost interest as I got to higher levels because I never really wanted to spend much time on alts when they got to max level. I really like going through Kalimdor and EK as there are a lot of options for leveling zones.

      I thought about giving Lames a prot spec but I have 0 pieces of prot gear. Healing queues are a little quicker though.

      • Ah, gotcha. Totally agreed on levelling then. I get to 80, then into the closet the toon goes — if it even gets to 80 at all. Most stall in the last stretch and just become tradeskill toons.

        The variety in the old world design is nice. No more than 4-5 hours in one zone and then you're off to new scenery. In Northrend it feels like 4-5 days in a zone at times.

        Lamens is 70, isn't she? If you want prot gear, get an entire set of Cobalt gear crafted; it's dirt cheap and more than fine for tanking the first few instances. You get your upgraded blue tanking items in the instances themselves, either from drops or from the quests.

        Maybe I'll just mail you a set. πŸ˜›

    • I echo Iffy's comments. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool altoholic, and when I get a character to 80, I just feel that that character is "done" and have no desire to do anything more with it.

      I have 5 80's, and alts at pretty much every stage of levelling .. 20's, 40's, 60's, 70's, horde, alliance, you name it. Always something different to do, always different buttons to push. If I had to play the same main all the time I'd have quit the game years ago.

  3. It is funny. I read these posts and realize I am the exact opposite to most people apparently. For me, getting to 80 is more of a chore (though I do enjoy the Azeroth/EK parts). 60-80 is downright awful, thankfully made easier with the dungeon finder tool.

    So for me, my ADD seems to kick in when I reach 80. Ok when I reach 75. My toon has top tier craftables made, enchanted, and gemmed waiting for him. The mission becomes getting the toon ICC ready, then pugging ICC as often as humanly possible.

    My Hunter, Buffshoota, has 4pc 10.5, and has cleared 8/12 ICC 10 Hard Modes.

    My Druid, Likmyhoof, is approaching 6k gear score, in both his Resto and Moonkin sets, and is also 7/12 ICC 10 HM.

    My Mage Combustion is also wearing 4pc T10, geared and ready for ICC 25 HM.

    My Shaman Berserko is my least geared 80, coming in around 5.5k GS in his resto set … He needs to get into an ICC 25 pug and snatch an Abacus and Shield off Marrowgar … at some point …

    Ah yeah, those are all alts. Shtanky is my main, Prot Warrior.

    So I guess there are different perspectives on what happens at 80 … the question is, AM I ALONE ??? (sniff sniff)

    p.s. My Lock, Deeliver, is now 72, and will certainly have 264 Legs/Boots crafted to go with the 245 Chest/Wrist craftables

    • I don't think you're totally alone. There is a mage in my other guild who has a level 80 of each class and raids on at least 8 of them every week.

      I really think if I had to see ICC 8 times a week I would end up throwing my computer out a window.