Pets Galore!

No, I’m not talking about my kitties. I’m talking about my hunter pets! Pets are one of the things that first drew me to the hunter class. Who doesn’t like the thought of cute, furry little creatures as your faithful companions, always by your side, ripping out the throats of your enemies.

My Pets


Toby the tiger

My first, and favorite pet is Toby.  When I decided to play a hunter, I knew that I wanted a tiger as my pet. As soon as I could, I left the blood elf starting zone and hoofed it over to Durotar to tame him. I’m a cat person, I’m still sad that cats don’t provide the best DPS anymore. Hopefully this changes in Cataclysm and I can use Toby again.


Raptor the...raptor

Raptor was my second pet. Poor thing never even got a proper name. My real reason for taming him? He matched my favorite mount. If only I could get a pair of boots that matched them both…


Guybrush the gorilla

I had a hard time finding a tanking pet that I liked. I had tried a bear on a previous hunter that got abandoned. For a long time I had a turtle, Koopa. Then I decided to get a gorilla. I liked that they could Thunderstomp. As I wandered around Feralas looking for one to tame, a couple of my guildies were talking about The Curse of Monkey Island. Thus, Guybrush was born.


Trouser the serpent

Midway through Wrath, I decided I should have a cunning pet to round out my stable. I’m annoyed by flying pets, so it had to be either a serpent or a spider. Flying around Sholazar, I found this pretty, pink snake. His name is Trouser.

Kitty the wolf

The last pet I tamed, and my current raiding pet, is Kitty. When I decided I needed a wolf to maximize my dps, I wanted to get a nice looking one. I was not going to have one of the scrawny looking things from Storm Peaks. This is my favorite wolf look in the game. Kitty also matches one of my mounts.

Pets I Wish I Had


I’ve always wished I could tame a zhevra. I was tempted to recruit a “friend” so I could get one for a mount, but what I really want is to have one as a pet. It may not look too intimidating compared to the other options, but I think that horn could make it a force to be reckoned with.

Zhevra's have sharp horns

I also wish I could have my kitty Max as a hunter pet. He may be small, but he has a special ability that is unique to him. If hostile entities look at Max for too long, their heads explode from the sheer overload of cute. Messy, but effective.


Max the cutest kittenLook away!

8 responses to “Pets Galore!

  1. LOL @ Trouser!

    My (formerly) Night Elf hunter tamed her ghost saber, Boo, at level 19, and he has been her lifelong companion, even following her to the Horde side when she became a Blood Elf at level 72. I've tamed other pets along the way, but none have been able to replace Boo.

    • That's what Toby is like for me. Although I don't raid with him anymore, he's still my favorite and I hope to raid with him again in Cataclysm. Kitty has grown on me though.

  2. As a baby WoW player, I was extremely excited to reach level 10 so I could tame a Zhevra. I was crushed when I found out I couldn't. My next attempt (Giraffe) was met with similar heartbreak and it almost killed WoW for me.

    • I was also disappointed about the Giraffe.

      What did you end up taming for your first pet?

  3. Aw, Max is adorable 😀
    And, Trouser is an awesome name for a snake!

  4. I remember the first time I saw Trouser. Loved it.

    My oooold Alliance hunter (My second character ever.) had one of the STV white gorillas. I was actually obssessed with getting the EXTREMELY white one from a quest chain from the troll in that cave. (The one at the end of a few waves of gorillas.) Sadly never got him; though later on I believe I found out he wasn't tamable anyways? Boo.

    I used to have a kitty named Max when I was little, too! 😀
    But he got sick and ran away…Wait, that's what parents just TELL their kids when a pet dies right? OMG MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE. :'(

    • I'm sure your Max is living on a farm somewhere, playing with all the other animals.


  5. My gf was sad when we first went to the Barrens.
    "Oooooh, giraffes?!?! I'm going to tame it!"
    "I don't think you ca–"
    "Not tameable? I HATE THIS GAME!"

    And that's why she's yet to reach 80 after a year and a half.