Things to do before Cataclysm

Druid Jasyla

  • Kill the Lich King (still haven’t killed him on 10-man. I wasn’t there for my 10 man group’s kill and now we’re only working on hard modes. I think I might get a 25-man kill first)
  • Get a Frostbrood Vanquisher mount
  • Buy all the PVP mounts (while doing as little PVP as possible)
  • Catch a Sea Turtle mount
  • Get the Salty title
  • Get exalted with 3 more factions (that would make 35)
  • Get better at playing boomkin
  • Take some screenshots of my tree cowering, in case I become sentimental and miss it one day (unlikely, but one must be prepared)

Hunter Jasyla

  • Kill the Lich King
  • Get my 4 piece T10 bonus
  • Get ArP capped
  • Out-dps all rogues, all the time
  • Finish all the quests in Northrend
  • Get 1000 HKs (yes, I am that much of a PVP noob)
  • Finish Glory of the Ulduar Raider 10
  • Get exalted with Thunder Bluff
  • Revisit Azeroth and get my Explorer title
  • Test Deterrence on all ICC boss abilities so I can complete my list

Other stuff

  • Get a 4th character to level 80. Pally, mage, warrior…who will it be?
  • Pay a visit to my favorite raid bosses, Archimonde and Illidan
  • Think of a name for my Worgen

Anyone else have pre-Cata goals?

5 responses to “Things to do before Cataclysm

  1. I don't have any, but you gave me an idea. I should take some screenies of my tree too. I'm not crazy about the animations, but they always make my guildies laugh…

    • You could make a little animated gif and put it on your blog or guild website. That would be kinda neat.

  2. Do I count under the rogues? Muwahaha.


    I'd make a list but mine would just turn into a "Stuff I Won't Do" list instead of a "To Do" list.

    • Yes. Filthy melee.

      There are probably a number of things on this list I won't do. I just thought writing them down would make them more likely to happen.

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