Old Habits Die Hard

The first character I created in WoW was a druid. I played my druid for a good year before I rolled my hunter and started playing regularly on two characters. I’ve been thinking about how my resto druid upbringing has effected how I play my hunter. I think it’s certainly had some benefits, but there have also been some drawbacks.

The good:

  • I’m very good at avoiding unnecessary raid damage and staying alive. If you’ve read any of my ICC boss tips or guides most of them focus on reducing your damage taken and not dying. I like to make the healers’ job easier so they can focus their attention on others.
  • My healer hero mentality (don’t worry, I’ll save you!) has transferred over to my hunter. I do what I can to help others avoid damage. I’m proactive with silencing shot and tranq shot. I like being able to use distracting shot before someone gets crushed by a stray mob. Unfortunately, I haven’t found as many opportunities to do this in Wrath as I did in BC. On BC raid trash there was always an opportunity to drop a frost trap in front of that overzealous healer who would get aggro. I’d use Scorpid Sting on those really hard hitting bosses to help out on tank damage a little.
  • I use Grid (with all the modules I use on my druid) at all times, so I always know the status of everyone in the raid: who’s out of mana, who has a debuff, who is dead.
  • Grid + Clique makes for very easy misdirecting. No need for macros! (Hmm, I think I should make a clique binding for Master’s Call. That could come in handy).

The not so good:

  • I will always be a clicker. I’ve been using Grid + Clique to heal for a long time. I feel comfortable moving with WSAD while holding down shift, ctrl or alt and clicking raid frames. Although I think keybinds would be more efficient for dps, I just can’t get used to them. I can make it work when I’m standing still but as soon as I need to move, things get messy and I have to go back to clicking.
  • Target switching is not my forte. On my druid I don’t have to target the person that I’m healing. I don’t even know what the optimal method of target switching is. I’ve just recently started keeping name plates up so I can click on those to change targets. At least I’m not tab targeting anymore.
  • I like to move. As a resto druid, mobility is an asset and I make the most of it. Even when there’s no need for movement, I like to bounce around. This habit can be seen as both good and bad for a hunter. On the good side, I’m quick on my toes and not afraid to interrupt a Steady Shot cast to get out of bad things fast. On the bad side, too much movement screws up auto-shots (and really screwed up Sniper Training back when I was survival). I’ve mostly broken the habit of moving around unnecessarily on my hunter because as much as I like moving around, I also like big numbers.

Does anyone else find that your first character has effected the way you play other toons?

10 responses to “Old Habits Die Hard

  1. Playing a hunter as my main has definitely influenced my other characters – I frequently jumpshot whatever abilities I can as other classes. Lately it's been my DK jumpshotting Icy Touch, Death Coil, Chains of Ice, you name it. Looks kind of funny.

    • That's a great skill to use on other toons. I can certainly see it coming in handy – like for kiting the ooze on Rotface.

  2. How I learned to love the keybind – I gave up on trying to keybind 1-10 to hit lefty and mouse move, since I'm too used to using clique+grid and then using wasd to move. What I ended up doing is using my number pad on the right hand side for all my abilities when dpsing. This meant a few changes:

    1. Unbind num lock from auto-run and leave num lock on at all times.

    2. Arrange my dominos/bartender (whatever I happened to be using at the time) so it "looks like" my number pad.

    3. Accept that I can't mouse turn, but I'm very good at repositioning on the fly with the wasd's

    4. Installed Tidyplates so that if I do have to change targets, I have big things to click on.

    5. Use ICE HUD. I have a big half-moon on the left side for boss health. Next to that half moon is a big fat raid marker. If I'm being a dork and tab targeting, I can easily see when I've hit on the skull.

    Unfortunately, I only have a pic of my keybindings etc from my healing priest. Not all the keybindings are used, because I have VERY few keybindings that I use when I'm healing. But that whole grid is filled out as cat etc.


    • The number pad, I like that idea. I do use my mouse a lot for zooming in and out and swiveling my camera, but I think I could work something out with that. Great advice! I'll give it a shot and let you know how it works out.

      I downloaded Tidyplates recently. They're a big improvement over the default ones.

      • The zooming and swiveling, I usually do that before the fight, but I agree that it's a problem with using the number pad. I ended up setting my camera to always swing behind me no matter what – which has its own problems. Because "feral charge – cat" places you behind the target, it's REALLY disconcerting if your toon leaps into the air and swivels and your camera doesn't follow. So while I like independent swivel or "smart swivel" for caster types, I have to lock that sucker down for cat dps. And I guess I just got used to it that way.

  3. I too am a clicker, as a mage i have been told to do the keybind thing myself although you see, i dont know how. I do find in incredibly confusing to say the least. Its good to know that others out there are like me and dont pound their keyboard in frustration but just click effortlessly at their corresponding spells.
    Clicking FTW…..!

    • Clickers unite!

      Clicking does feel much more comfortable for me. I wonder if keybinds really do provide any benefit. I'm pretty sure I can click my mouse just as fast as I can pound on my keys. I think that whatever you feel more comfortable with is going to yield the best results.

      • Strutt@kil'jaeden

        you can't click as fast as you can pound keys, its pretty straight forward, you will see a great improvment in your DPS/Skill if you keybind everything. granted it will take a few weeks to get used to it but it is SO much easier and efficent than clicking. I used to be a "pro clicker" and would NEVER go back.

  4. I found it very difficult to direct heal with my priest (at the time holy) coming from a resto druid. I was used to the "fire and forget" method of blanketing the party in HoTs, and having to babysit a target all the way up to full while watching other players' health drop was pretty foreign to me. I had a better time when I switched to discipline, as bubbles are almost an antithesis of HoTs. Fire and forget, but for mitigation.
    Resto shaman healing is so different from druid, holy, or disc healing that I kind of stepped into it with no unconscious preconceived notions, and didn't have a problem. We'll have to see how I do once my pally gets high enough to do any serious healing.

    • I played a shaman at the beginning of Wrath. The hardest thing I found was the lack of mobility.

      I'd like to try healing as a priest, but I've been unable to get one past level 30 or so. I think disc is the way I'd go. I love my instant spells.