Deterrence in ICC

Deterrence is a spell that hunters learns at level 60. If I’m remembering correctly, Deterrence used to be a talent in the Survival tree (in a much weaker form that it has now), and it was mostly associated with PVP. A lot of people still associate it with PVP and overlook its capability to avoid damage in raids. When used correctly, it can save you from major damage and help you live longer. But what abilities can it be used against?

Here’s what the tooltip says:

When activated, increases parry chance by 100%, reduces the chance ranged attacks will hit you by 100% and grants a 100% chance to deflect spells. While Deterrence is active, you cannot attack. Lasts 5 sec.

The description is inadequate, especially when it comes to spells. Does it work on direct damage spells only? AoE? DoTs? It’s not made clear.

Here’s a rundown of which abilities in ICC deterrence can be used on:

Lord Marrowgar

Deterrence prevents damage from:
Bone Storm

No effect on:
Bone Spike – No abilities can be used while spiked.

Tips: Deterrence is especially handy for those times when Marrowgar ends up right on top of you during Bone Storm, or if you get surrounded by Coldflame.

Lady Deathwhisper

Prevents damage from:
Shadow Bolt
Frostbolt Volley

No effect on:
Death and Decay

Kind of works:
Vengeful blast
– Deterrence will cause you to parry the Vengeful Shade if it’s attacking you. However, if it doesn’t despawn before your Deterrence runs out or if you don’t move out of the way, it can still get you with Vengeful Blast.

Tips: I haven’t found a whole lot of opportunity for Deterrence in this fight. If you happen to get aggro on an add, it can be used to deflect any melee attacks.

Gunship Battle

Prevents damage from:
Melee attacks from adds

No effect on:

Tips: There’s not much reason to use Deterrence on this fight. Better to just stay away from the adds.

Deathbringer Saurfang

Prevents damage from:
Melee attacks from Blood Beasts

No effect on:
Boiling Blood
Mark of the Fallen Champion

Tips: This is another fight where there isn’t much reason to use Deterrence. It can be used if a Blood Beast gets too close, but I think FD or disengage would be a better choice.


Prevents damage from:
Gaseous Blight

No effect on:
Pungent Blight – There has been a lot of confusion on this one. Deterrence does not work.
Vile Gas

Tips: The blight ticks are fairly insignificant with a couple good raid healers, so I wouldn’t recommend using Deterrence here unless your health is very low.


Prevents damage from:
Weak Radiating Ooze

Strong Radiating Ooze

No effect on:
Ooze Flood
Mutated Infection
Slime Spray – When the Plagueworks was first released it was reported that deterrence could deflect slime spray. It no longer can.

Needs testing:
Unstable Ooze Explosion

Professor Putricide

Prevents damage from:
Malleable Goo – Only works on goo targeted at you. It will not do anything to prevent splash damage from goo targeted at others.
Mutated Slime –  Otherwise known as Slime Puddles

No effect on:
Gaseous Bloat
Volatile Ooze Adhesive
Ooze Eruption – Does not prevent the damage or the knockback
Tear Gas
Mutated Transformation
Choking Gas

Needs testing:
Choking Gas Explosion

Blood Prince Council

Prevents damage from:
Shadow Lance and Empowered Shadow Lance – Very useful if you are tanking Keleseth, otherwise, try not to pull aggro.
Empowered Flare – These are the mini fireballs that are shot from the Empowered Flame.

No effect on:
Shock Vortex and Empowered Shock Vortex
and Empowered Flames

Needs testing:
Kinetic Bomb Explosion

Blood Queen Lana’thel

Prevents damage from:
Twilight Bloodbolt – Only ones that are aimed at you. Does not prevent splash damage.
Shroud of Sorrow

No effect on:
Incite Terror
Pact of the Darkfallen
Splash damage from Bloodbolts aimed at others

Needs testing:
Swarming Shadows

Valithria Dreamwalker

Prevents damage from:
Lay waste – It works, but you should be killing the Blazing Skeletons.
Acid Burst
Frostbolt Volley

Needs to be tested:
Gut Spray


Prevents damage from:

No effect on:
Frost Aura
Blistering Cold
Ice TombFrost Bomb

Lich King

Prevents damage from:
Pain and Suffering – Deflects damage if it is targeted at you. Does not prevent damage if targeted at others.
Raging Spirit – Can be used if you get aggro on a Raging Spirit (though Feign Death would probably be a better choice)

No effect on:
Remorseless Winter

Spirit Burst
Harvest Soul
Ice Burst

Needs testing:
Ice Pulse

If any important abilities are missing from this list, please let me know and I will do my best to test them. Also let me know if anything is incorrect. Bonus points if you have a combat log to back up any claims.

A few more general notes on Deterrence:

  • Melee damage will always get parried when you use deterrence, so it can be used if you happen to pull aggro on DW adds, blood beasts, Val adds, etc.
  • Deterrence will not negate the damage from DoTs.
  • You cannot attack while under the effect, but you can still drop traps.
  • You can parry attacks and spells from behind as well as in front.
  • Be judicious about how you use it. If it’s going to save you from a horrible death, definitely use it. However, the loss of 5 seconds of dps can do more harm than good when it’s not necessary.

May 4 – Updated Putricide and Blood Queen abilities
May 6 – Updated abilities: Vengeful Blast (DW), Empowered Flames (BP), Empowered Flare (BP)
June 17 – Updated Lich King abilities
July 11 – Updated Sindragosa abilities

10 responses to “Deterrence in ICC

  1. I haven't been able to FD out of a Vile Gas on Fester yet- how does that work? Do you do it right before your puke timer goes off?

    • I think if you feign right when he turns and targets you, he stops the attack and goes back to whatever he was doing (ie, mauling the tanks).

      • Yeah, it's got to be just as he turns to target you. Once it hits you, you can't get rid of it.

  2. I have used deterrence on the AOE blood whirl that Blood Queen uses in her air phase. I pop it after the fear breaks and it prevents the damage the bolt cast at me would do, but not the splash damage from others if they are too close.

    • Yeah, most people have reported that. My combat log showed it not working the one time I tried it, but I think I found a problem with the combat log.

  3. Great list 😀

    Deterrence works on both Festergut's and BQL's enrages. Very handy if you're close to a kill.

    My healers say that Deterrence mitigates Blood Boil damage. I can't confirm that as I don't have access to logs at this time. I will try it this week if I get Blood Boil.

    • Thanks!

      Fester usually kills you with Gaseous Blight when he enrages, so that makes sense. If Deterrence works on Lana'thel enrages, that would mean it works on Shroud of Sorrow. Unfortunately, I seem to forget I have Deterrence on Blood Queen, I've only used it once on her. I need to do some more testing.

      It would be interesting if if worked on Boiling Blood, I haven't seen it work on those kind of DoTs before. Although, the more I test, the more random the ability seems. Doesn't stop damage from Rotface's Ooze Flood, but does stop damage from Putricide's Slime Puddles. How does that make sense?

  4. Tried it out on Boiling Blood tonight, didn't work.

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