Recommended Reading and New Comments

Here are some interesting blog posts I’ve come across in the last few weeks.

I jumped on the Disqus comment system bandwagon with Murloc Parliment and Revive & Rejuvenate after Zelmaru wrote about how easy it was to implement. I must say, I am impressed. It looks so much nicer that the yucky old Blogger comments. Everything looks to be running well and the old comments were all successfully imported. Feel free to kick the comment tires for me.

On another note, I looked up myself on the armory today and found that there is another Jasyla out there. A death knight! Jasyla is not a death night name. I feel violated. 🙁

One response to “Recommended Reading and New Comments

  1. If it makes you feel any better, the lore tells us Death Knights didn't start off that way, so Jasyla the Death Knight would have had to be Jasyla the Druid or Priest prior to being raised from death to champion the forces of the Scourge.

    Not sure if that's helpful.. 😛