Where are all the good tanks?

Last weekend I logged onto my level 70 ret pally for the first time in ages, hoping to do a random dungeon or two. After a queue of almost 40 minutes, I finally get into an Utgarde Keep run. I’ve barely zoned into the place and the tank is already pulling. It was only one mob, so I just ignored it and buffed everyone. Then he pulls another pack and the raid swiftly dies. The ranged dps pull aggro, the tank dies, I die, then the healer dies. Not a very good start. I release and run back to the instance. The healer is offline and the tank has not released. I decide to give him the benefit of the doubt and toss him a rez. Nothing happens. About a minute later, the demand comes:

Tank: rez
Tank: me
Tank: now
Tank: pl0x
Tank: pally rez me

Well, I had already used up my piddling ret pally mana pool on the first, unaccepted rez, so I sit down to drink. One of the other dps tells the tank that he should run back. What does he do instead? He leaves the group. Sigh.

We’re now without a tank or healer so we re-queue. It takes another 20 minutes or so before the group fills up. Everyone stands at the front of the instance and buffs. The mage seems to be afk. I assume that like me, he had now spent a total of 1 hour waiting for a tank, so I want to give him a minute or two to get back. Then the tank says:

Tank: Leaving in 5
Tank: 4
Tank: 3

I’m assuming what he means is that he’ll either be vote kicking the mage or start pulling in 5 seconds.

Tank: 2
Tank: 1

Well, how silly am I? He doesn’t kick the mage or start pulling, he leaves the group.

That’s how some tanks show their appreciation of having <1 minute queues, by acting like complete and utter tools. At this point I’m rather disgusted and log off to play a game where my experience can’t be ruined by other people being inconsiderate douchebags. Really, is a little bit of patience or a tiny bit of decency that much to ask?

To all those people out there who think the mere fact that you are a tank (even a bad tank) makes you better than everyone else and means it’s your way or the highway: May your healers be crappy and your repair bills be high.

And to all the patient, competent, friendly tanks who protect my healer and dps toons from harm: Thank you!

5 responses to “Where are all the good tanks?

  1. Ok, so. That tank came in. Wouldn't wait for the mage. So instead of having a bit of patience, left and ate the 30 mins debuff?

    Er, what? Even with a 10s queue, that still means 30 minutes downtime…

  2. I just don't get leaving a place once you've gotten there. It doesn't matter than I've done Halls of Stone about 58000 times in the last month, but I'll stick it out… again. Or Oculus.

    So yeah, I just don't understand that mentality. You're likely to finish the instance before the 30min debuff ends.

  3. The mage is saying res me, the healer is at the zone in, along with everybody else. If after 5 minutes which is what time enough to run back twice? I am out of their, Whets a 30 minute debuff on a alt?. I can't queue on THAT alt.

    But generally if a leveling alt can tank I do tank, I am too impatient to wait for the queues as dps and gearing for tanks once they are in northrend is very very simple.

  4. What the crap is 'pl0x'? o_O