Sindragosa dead, on to the Lich King!

This weekend my alliance guild had two days of 25-man raiding for the first time in ages. Everyone was rewarded for showing up by having Sindragosa roll over and play dead for us. Yay!

Frostwing Halls 25 achievement

It’s funny how big of a difference a full raid group and a solid block of time can make for progression fights. After we killed her, we took a quick look at the Lich King before calling the raid early.

Obligatory shot of me and Arthas:

Jasyla and the Lich King

We only did one attempt (holy tank damage, Batman!). We managed to get through phase 1, then the RL told us to rush Arthas as we transitioned into phase 2, and everyone died a horrible, blistering cold death. That was fun.

After ICC 25, we formed a 10-man hard mode group. We cleared the first wing, then ran into an interesting bug. Deathbringer Saurfang died, and the door to the upper spire wouldn’t open. A soft reset of the instance didn’t fix it, so that put an end to raiding for the night. Regardless of that little annoyance, I’m ecstatic that we had 25 people show up on Saturday and managed to get a new boss kill.

4 responses to “Sindragosa dead, on to the Lich King!

  1. Congrats and good luck! 🙂

  2. Woo! Nof we have to start killing end wing bosses horde side :p

  3. Thanks Kae!

    I agree. I'd really like to see a tier token drop one of these days. 15% buff should be out in a couple weeks, that'll help.

  4. Yup, I'm actually at the point where all I need is tier tokens. Got nothing else to spend my dkp on.

    Well, I could use that dps trink from ten man but we don't use points there :p