Tree Form Cooldowns

As far as druid bloggers go, I seem to be in the minority of those who are in favour ofΒ  having tree form be a cooldown. I’ve been thinking about what kind of cooldowns we could have and I thought it would be neat if we could turn into different types of trees who would get different abilities. Take the whole shapeshifting aspect of druids to a whole new level. I think if we could have these abilities as cooldowns, more people would see things my way.

Shapeshift: Giant Redwood
The druid turns into a Giant Redwood, lifting all allies in range hundreds of feet into the air and out of danger. Instant.

Druid tree forms - Redwood tree

This would be like the Priest’s new Leap of Faith ability on steroids. Did a Void Zone just spawn on top of you and your friends? Save them with this! Probably best not to use it in fires though.

Shapeshift: Bamboo Palm
The druid turns into a Bamboo Palm, removing poisons from all raid members in range. Removes poisons in range once every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Instant.

Druid tree forms - Bamboo Palm

Fun fact: The Bamboo Palm is one of the best plants for removing pollutants and chemicals from the air.

Shapeshift: Willow Tree
The druid turns into a Willow Tree. All allies in range are temporarily protected from harm. Lasts 8 seconds.

Druid tree forms - Willow tree

Power Word: Barrier has nothing on the Willow Tree.

Shapeshift: Poppy Field
The druid covers the battlefield in poppies, putting all her enemies to sleep for 10 seconds or until they take damage.

Druid tree forms - Poppy

Wikipedia says that poppies don’t actually put people to sleep. However, since I was a child, The Wizard of Oz has told me otherwise. I know who I’m going to believe.

Shapeshift: Apple Tree
The druid changes into an apple tree, providing fruit for all her allies. The fruit gives a bonus to all base stats. Can only be used out of combat.

Druid tree forms - Apple tree

By now I think we’re all sick of fish feasts. Minor glyphs can be used to change this form into a Pear or Peach tree.

Shapeshift: Banyan Tree
The druid turns into a Banyan Tree, rapidly covering the field of battle and impaling all enemies in range with her roots. 10-second channel.

Druid tree forms - Banyan Tree

Fun fact: The roots of Banyan trees grown downwards from the branches to the ground. The oldest Banyans can cover over 3 acres of space.

I suppose this ability isn’t very heal-y is it? But it would be awesome.

Shapeshift: Magnolia Tree
The druid transforms into a Magnolia Tree.

Druid tree forms - Magnolia Tree

Why? Because they’re pretty, and we deserve to have a pretty tree form.Β  πŸ™‚

What kind of tree would you like to be?

20 responses to “Tree Form Cooldowns

  1. Magnolia. Gief pretty.

  2. It can be an ugly old bush if it gives the entire raid a big fat innervate πŸ™‚

  3. @Jen

    That's what I'd pick too.


    An innervate for the whole raid, that's very altruistic of you.

  4. Amen on the QQ. We basically lose the ability to always have the lowest poly count in combat during a raid…..and in cities. People are retarded sometimes, we went almost a full 2 years before seeing the stupid trees at the end of naxx, itll be okay kids i swear.

  5. lol this is so fun =)

    I seem to be in the minority with you in terms of druid bloggers. Tis not the end of the world.

  6. I likes the magnolia tree πŸ™‚ Also a big old oak so my companion pets have somewhere to curl up and sleep πŸ™‚

  7. @Dawni
    If people like their tree form so much I do hope they are given a glyph or something that will allow them to keep it. I'm really surprised that some of those who rolled resto druids before BC have become such fans of the form. I've been stubbornly disliking it for 3 years now.

    I really have faith that Blizzard will make the tree cooldown fun and not just a trinket. I think once more information is released people will start warming up to the idea.

    If I could have looked like a magnolia tree for the last three years I probably wouldn't feel so strongly about getting rid of tree form. Oak tree is a good idea too, I've got lots of pets.

  8. I want to be a Montezuma Cypress. The most famous one of these is "The Tule Tree"

  9. I think the eucalyptus is beautiful, particularly a solitary eucalyptus against a clear sky. Causes indigestion in all non-koalaoids, aids breathing. Oak is an old classic. Perhaps tree type could be like hunter pet type – you pull out the one that fills the buff you miss most. Oak would be Might, elm Wisdom, manzanita Expose Armor.

  10. These are by far the best ideas I've ever heard about druids my whole life πŸ˜€ omg, I'd looove the apple tree thing, haha! And Banyan too for pvp actions!

    • Thanks!

      I like the Banyan idea but I think I'd take advantage of it and use it all the time instead of healing. πŸ˜›

  11. Dreamstorm

    Bonsai Tree Form. Reduces the Druid's threat by 75% while active.

  12. I am scared of the Banyan now, thank you. I have visions of the tree branch growing in a window and taking root through my bed well I am in it now.

    That said, that has to be the worlds greatest tire swing tree.

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