About to lose it

The amount of complaining going on over the druid changes is starting to bother me. For the last 4 days I’ve read so much QQ from druids over losing some polygons, and it’s killing my buzz. I comment on many of these posts, and I try to do it nicely. It’s taking every ounce of self-control I have.

Now, to compound on that, there is currently a very large group of people standing outside my workplace protesting something or another. Very loudly.

Rather than get snarky with the other druids or go outside and throw rocks at the protesters, I’m going to take the mature route and say:

“lalalalala I can’t hear you!”


But really, I’m going to stop reading/writing/commenting about anything from Cataclysm that is tree-related now.

8 responses to “About to lose it

  1. I really wish people would stop calling it "QQ".

    It's not crying. This is something we are passionate about.

    I know you are glad to see tree form go, but many of us hate the idea.

    With respect, just because you disagree with an issue, doesn't make the rest of us "QQers".

    • Had the class preview gone the other way and announced that nothing about tree form was changing (or we would be incapable of ever shifting out of tree form), I would have classified my reaction to that as QQ. But you're right, the term is overused.

      I like your worgen-tree-shifting idea, btw.

      • Fingers crossed.

        Other people are insulted by the idea of a "pity" cosmetic compromise.. but at this point, we all know there's going to be a cooldown – if I can get a cosmetic compromise, I'll settle for that.

        • Well, it's impossible to make everyone happy. But I really do hope they make a UI toggle or a glyph or something that will allow those who love thir tree form to keep it and allow those who don't to play in caster form.

          I'm not out to ruin anyone's fun, it's just that when I see a hundred "save the trees" type posts I feel like my parade is being rained on.

  2. I'm firmly in the "don't take away my tree" camp, but I put my amateur game designer hat on, and thought about it this way ..

    What exactly does a druid do in caster form anyways? Heck, we even do our banking as a cheetah or a bear. So if you, as a game designer, wanted to pick one of the druid's many roles to be performed in caster form, tree makes the most sense from a design perspective.

    Kind of made me think "Oh, yeah, well, when you put it THAT way.."

    • @Bri
      That makes sense.

      I tend to spend all my time outside of raids in caster. I'm actually not a fan of any of the druid forms (except flight form) and would rather see my NE model.

  3. > I like your worgen-tree-shifting idea, btw.

    Wait. The worgen is going to pee… on himself now?