Good News Everyone!

Putricide is finally dead!

That kill was long overdue, it feels so good to finally get it. Phase 3 was stressful. After all the horror stories I heard of raids getting under 1% and then having a tank die, once we got to around 3% I started spam healing the tanks and ignored the rest of the raid. So sorry to the 6-7 dps who died πŸ˜›

We also got our first look at 25-man Blood Queen. We manged to get her down to 20% within three attempts, so hopefully we can get a kill next week.


4 responses to “Good News Everyone!

  1. Gratz on Professor. P3 can get very chaotic. We found a great way for queen was to have the first person bitten pass it to the melee then second time around the first person bitten would pass to the second ranged group and the melee person would bite the last ranged group then the next round it would be passed amongst the groups. Means that after two rounds of bites every group had someone that could pass it around. Once we got that down pat she went down after two attempts.

  2. Grats on Putricide!

    I so hate the Blood Queen fight. πŸ™‚

  3. @Furnurgler – That's a good strat for Queen, I will share it with my guild.

    @Virile – Thanks! The Blood Queen fight seemed kinda fun, of course three attempts isn't enough to start to hate a fight.

  4. Grats!

    Maybe one day we'll see Rotface dead.. /facepalm