Finally, Some Progress

Raiding progression had been at a bit of a standstill for me for the last couple weeks. Horde-side, my schedule isn’t really meshing with the raid schedule at the moment, so I feel like I haven’t raided on my hunter in forever. Alliance-side, we had two weeks of unbearable server lag on our 10-man raid nights and were only able to pull off one night of 25-man raiding per week due to a number of raiders having holidays. But last night in our 10-man, we were thankfully lag free and managed to get our first kills of Blood Queen Lana’thel and Valithria. Yay! Blood Queen was a really fun fight. I found it very healing-intensive, which is something I always enjoy and definitely a fight where resto druids shine. Although really, where don’t we shine? We’re very shiny, us trees. We even got in some really good attempts on Sindragosa. It only took a couple attempts for us get comfortable with the first two phases, but as soon as we’d get to phase 3, my network would throw a hissy fit and boot me from the game. Performance anxiety maybe? It was a real pain, but I’m happy with 2 new kills. Hopefully our 25 raid this weekend enjoys the same amount of success (die Putricide, die!).

Gear-wise, I finally took off my T9 gear last night. Breaking the set bonus was hard, but I had to do it sometime. I put on some haste shoulders and gloves, plus bought the T10 headpice. I will probably buy the T10 pants tonight if Toravon doesn’t drop them (and why would he? he’s dropped all PVP gear everytime I’ve killed him. Grr.) I also upgraded my weapon…to a caster staff. I had picked up Abracadaver for moonkin a while ago and last night I realised it was an increase in stam, int, spell power, mana regen and haste over what I had. Yes, I am now a tree with 101 hit rating. Mock me at will. All these upgrades brought me up to a respectable 817 haste.

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