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I’m sick πŸ™

My brain feels like mush and I am unable to come up with a post that is original or interesting. So instead, I’ll point you to some interesting posts by other people with non-mushy brains! Here are some of the posts I’ve found particularly useful over the last couple weeks.

Keeva over at Tree Bark Jacket wrote an excellent post that answers the age-old question “How can I stop being a clicker?”

Beruthiel at Falling Leaves and Wings did a nice write-up on the information currently available on the resto druid 4T10 bonus. Although the bonus looked questionable at first, the data is showing that it’s actually quite strong. Time to start spending those emblems.

Rilgon at Stabilized Effort Scope tells marksman hunters how to make the most of their Serpent Sting using the 2T10 bonus and trinket procs.

Eidotrope at OutDPS has a complete how-to guide on how to tank Keleseth in the Blood Princes encounter as a hunter.

Frostheim at the Warcraft Hunter’s Union has some excellent advice on how to increase your dps. I particularly like the part about spamming your buttons vs. using Quartz.

The Glaivecow writes an open to letter to dps about how to know when it’s time to aoe.

Happy reading!

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