New Icecrown Citadel Raid Quests

With the patch yesterday came the addition of new weekly raid quests for ICC. For information on the five quests, see MMO-Champion. Four of the quests involve killing a raid boss (Deathwhisper, Rotface & Festergut, Lana’thel, or Sindragosa) with a bit of a twist. The fifth asks you to kill a new mini-boss. For completing one of these quests you get 5 emblems of frost, some gold and a small chance of getting an Icecrown BOE item or epic gem.

Edit: There is a quest for both the 10 and 25-man raid, so you actually get to do two of these quests per week.

Rotting Frost Giant

The quest I got in ICC 10 last night was Securing the Ramparts. This quest asks you to kill a Rotting Frost Giant who is located on the ramparts, just past where the Gunships are docked. Surprisingly, this guy is no pushover, especially when you have no idea what you’re supposed to do. So here are some tactics for killing him. He has three main abilities. The first is a big knockback that he will use on the whole raid. Just have your tank stand with this back to a wall so this doesn’t cause problems. The second ability is Arctic Breath (just like Icehowl’s). The third ability is the one that makes the fight interesting.

Death Plague – Infects an enemy with a malevolent plague that will kill its host if unable to spread. After 15 seconds, the Plague will infect all players within 8 yards, dealing 8000 Nature damage. If the target fails to infect anyone, the host’s rapid death will follow.

This gets cast roughly every 50 seconds on 10-man, and every 20 seconds on 25. When the first person gets infected have them stand with one other person, away from the rest of the raid, until the 15 seconds are up and the new player gets infected. Keep chaining the plague to one new player at a time so the host doesn’t die. What makes this fight extra interesting is that after spreading the plague, you get a debuff which prevents you from getting it again for 35 seconds. So make sure to spread the plague to only one person at a time and keep track of who cannot be infected again.

Debuffs to add to Grid to help with this encounter:
Death Plague
Recently Infected

Edit: After looking through some parses, it looks like if you are killed by Death Plague because you fail to spread it to a new person within 8 yards, it will jump to a new person anyway. So telling people to go die in a corner is not a viable strat.

Another edit: I’ve seen a lot of questions floating around about whether you can do the Gunship Battle before killing the frost giant. Yes, you can. He won’t despawn.

Enjoy your extra emblems!

Other raid quests:
Residue Rendezvous

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