Today’s PuG Rant

Wow, my blog has been up for one month now, and this is my very first rant post. I’m somewhat impressed by myself-control.  😛

I had a string of bad PuGs this week.  Actually, on the whole the groups weren’t bad, but each one had one or two “special” people that made me grind my teeth in frustration for most of the run.

ICC 10 pug

It was my turn to sit out of the ICC 10 run this week (we have 4 healers who are regularly available for it), so I decided to PuG to get my final few hundred Ashen Verdict rep and a few extra emblems on my druid.  We got through the first 3 bosses without incident, then came to Saurfang. It’s not a difficult fight, but when things go wrong, boy do they ever.  First bad sign…I was asked to go boomkin. I’m an okay boomkin, but I’m a much better healer. Second bad sign…the leader felt we needed to exploit the encounter by having the first person to get the mark run to the gunship and jump in a cannon. (Who the hell came up with this strat? If you’re going to effectively take the mark person out of the fight, just let them die. Don’t let them give Saurfang energy for the 12 seconds it takes to run to the cannon).

First attempt starts. I get the first Mark. I Barkskin, run for the boat and die in about 6 seconds. No heals for me. When I mention this, the priest points out that I should have healed myself. Like my 1300 rejuv ticks would have kept me alive the whole time. The attempt goes on, we get to about 30%, both healers run out of mana and we wipe. Okay, that was just a warmup, we’ll get it next time.

We do a couple more attempts, and dps’ers are dying. Not getting hit by Blood Beasts or anything, just not getting any heals after a boiling blood or blood nova. I plead for one of the other healers to go dps so I can go back to healing. But no, neither of them does. We finally got the kill after about 6 attempts, but had to use the “typhoon blood beasts off the ledge” bug. I don’t like doing that, but I just wanted to get my 2 emblems and go.

We had two deaths on the kill. One tank and one dps died, despite not having any Marks go up. Both healers seemed to be running low on mana the whole fight (even though I was giving them my innervates), so I take a closer look at them. The holy priest’s most used spell was Prayer of Healing. Prayer of Healing!!! There are never more than 2 people taking damage at a time! And there’s no guarantee that those two people are even in the same group! I’m not a priest, but I feel pretty confident in my opinion that PoH is probably the least useful and most mana draining spell you can use on this fight. And then there was the druid. He had 68 points in the restoration tree. Almost 40% of his healing came from lifebloom. /sigh

Random dailies

Today I did my random daily on my 75 prot warrior. I got Violet Hold, which I thought shouldn’t be too difficult. Overall it went okay. No wipes, I died once, but can’t blame the healer; I should have hit Shield Wall or something when I saw that I was getting low. But there was this warlock…oh…my…god. Any time one of the 4-packs came through a portal, she would start spamming Seed of Corruption. I barely had a chance to Shockwave before Seeds were going up. Oh, and everyone dps’ed a different target on every pull.  If that weren’t bad enough, every time the warlock pulled aggro, which was pretty much on every pull that had multiple mobs, she would run away. When I got close to the mob to pull it back, she would fear it. So I spent most of the instance running around taunting all the adds that were being pulled off me.

After how much fun that was, I queued up for the daily on my 75 mage. And guess who’s in my group? Mrs. “I love aggro” the warlock. She continued her trend of spamming SoC on everything in sight. At least she’s consistent. But this tank (who was also a warrior) was much, much smarter than me and refused to pull anything off her. Eventually she summoned her voidwalker so it could tank all the mobs she pulled. When we got to King Dred, the lock pulls the boss with her voidwalker before the tank has a chance to hit it.  The tank watches as the voidwalker dies, then the warlock dies (haha!), then swiftly picks up the boss before it can target the healer. The warlock seemed to get the point after that and we finished the run.

That was my PuG fun for the week. Anyone else have stories to share?

3 responses to “Today’s PuG Rant

  1. I ran a random heroic pug of UP and the ele shammy in our group with a gearscore of 4068 told us that we were doing an achievement run… "DOING ALL ACHIEVES FYI" spams across my chat window. I decided that I would play mute and just proceed as normal. I have done all the heroic achievements, in fact I did them back when Ulduar was just released and getting them was hard as hell. You want an achievement run? Make sure you can contribute and, oh yes, ask people if they want to spend the extra time in a pug getting you your "achieves".

  2. Because I play a Hunter (Ponfarr (MM) – Mug’thol) I have made it a habit to target the Tank and Misdirect on almost every single pull because there’s a very good chance I will pull off him, geared to the tits or not. I’ve had Tanks challenge me: “Betcha can’t pull off me, Hunter!” This is a bad idea. Trust me. I’ve done it, even through Death and Decay, Consecrate, Warstomp and Swipe.

    For all the DPS out there, I know you know this. I KNOW it, some of you just forgot, really: Target the Tank’s target and you will never have to worry about aggroing one of the 4 MoBs he’s tanking.

    • @dreddnought

      I'm constantly using misdirect when doing heroics on my hunter as well. Helps out me and everyone else. I also try to use Hunter's Mark to help focus people on the tank's target. Doesn't always work though.