Weekend Update

I’ve now had a chance to try out all the new 25-man bosses. All three on my druid and one on my hunter.

Alliance (druid) guild got Festergut and Rotface down within a couple attempts.  Festergut was a cakewalk. The Rotface kill was messy.  We only had four people alive at the end, we’ll need to work on cleaning that one up.  Professor Putricide is one of the tougher bosses I’ve faced in a while. While it’s not really a fight that’s contingent on the healers – so much of the damage is avoidable – it does take a lot of awareness, high dps, good positioning and perfect phase transitions.  Our best attempt was 60%.  I’m not too discouraged about that as last I checked less than 100 guilds have killed him on 25-man.

Horde (hunter) guild didn’t make it past Festergut, although I’m happy to say we only had one wipe on Stinky. We finished our night of raiding with 18 attempts and 0 kills.  We had a number of problems at the beginning – ranged not understanding what “stand 10 yards apart” means, people being slow to group up on spores, tanks dying after the 2nd or 3rd inhale.  Really, how can people have played this game for a long time and not understand what spreading out means? Once we had mostly overcome these problems, we still found ourselves getting to the enrage with 3 – 6 million health left on the boss.  We started off with seven healers.  When we realised the dps wasn’t going to cut it, we moved to 6, but then people started dying. As it stands right now, in order to get a kill we’d need everyone to increase their dps by ~10%. And there would be no room for error. Hopefully with a few more pieces of ICC gear and a little more practice we’ll get our dps up to where it needs to be.

Overall, I’m impressed with the step up in difficulty with this wing.  The first was a little too easy.  I think the fights are slightly overtuned for normal mode, but it’s a nice wake-up call to those who are used to breezing through TotC and the first wing.  Hopefully it’ll wake people up a little and keep them on their toes.

One response to “Weekend Update

  1. It was rather stressful, but overall the night was a positive one for the horde side. Hopefully people will step up and practice a bit more so we can get the kill.

    BTW. Great forums! 🙂