Rotface’s health reduced (10-man)

Rotface’s health in 10 man ICC was just reduced by 15%, that’s almost 2 million health.  The explanation?

The changes made to Rotface were an effort to fix a bug that fell through the cracks in development and testing. The previous iteration of Rotface in 10 player difficulty used (and still uses) the same timer as the 25 player difficulty version when dispersing its Mutated Infection ability.
What this means, plainly, is that a disproportionate number of people were being put out of the fight near the 30% mark in 10 player (by a large percentage) versus 25 player, making the entire fight much more difficult than intended.
Obviously if you severely outgeared the fight, none of this mattered to you. The HP change will have no effect on your 10 player clears. You will, in fact, still kill Rotface.

The 25 player version of Rotface remains unchanged. (Source)

Rotface was one of the more difficult normal 10-man bosses I’ve done in quite a while. But that’s not a bad thing. The craziness after 30% was kinda fun. But really, a 15% health hit within four days of release?  Wouldn’t a better bug fix be to, oh I don’t know… fix the actual bug and change the timer on Mutated Infection? Maybe (hopefully) this is just a bandaid solution until the bug can be fixed.  However, somehow I don’t see his health going back up.

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