Plagueworks: Rotface (ICC 10)

Killed 10-man Rotface last night. I was going to make a strategy post, but a bunch of people have beaten me to it. Here are good guides from a druid and hunter perspective.

I do have some tips and observations to add from the kill last night.


  • Everyone (except the kiter, of course) should stand in a circle within a couple yards of the boss. This makes it much easier to run through him to avoid slime spray.

Mutated Infection

  • When you have spawned a small ooze, run to the big ooze – not the kiter – to get rid of it. Make sure the big ooze eats it before running back to the boss.
  • Be extra aware of slime spray when you get mutated infection and are running to the big ooze. The damage and debuff from infection plus a tick or two of slime will most likely mean death.


  • Thank your kiter after this fight. They really do have the most difficult job.
  • Resto druids are the queens of aggro for small slimes. I actually had other people’s slimes come attack me if they took too long to get rid of it. Vigilance appreciated!


  • Healing is not too bad on this fight if everyone is doing their best to avoid unnecessary damage.
  • I would immediately rejuv the person with mutated infection, as well as keep a stack of HoTs up on the tank and the kiter.  It’s likely the kiter will take a hit or two from the big ooze over the course of the fight, so be ready to heal them when needed.
  • As most have noted, at 30% the fight gets a little crazy. There will be extra slimes running around, so be mindful of the extra Sticky Ooze on the ground and extra damage from the ooze’s aoe.

Professor Putricide

Got some attempts on Putricide in, but didn’t kill him. Noticed a bug with the Volatile Ooze. Seems like when our melee zerged it as soon as it spawned it became unable to target anyone and became quite harmless. Anyone else notice this?

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