Plagueworks: Festergut (ICC 10)

Last night my Alliance guild had a short ICC 10 raid to check out the new bosses. Festergut was the first boss we tried. Overall, not too difficult of a fight, but took us a couple tries to get the hang of it.

The only notable trash in the Plagueworks is a couple of puppies: Stinky and Precious. They are both like mini-Gluths and have most of the same abilities. Like Gluth they put a stacking debuff on the tank, reducing healing taken. They will also cast Decimate every 45-seconds or so, bringing the raid down a percentage of their maximum health. Precious has the extra ability of calling groups of zombies. These have 65k health and leave a debuff on anyone they hit, increasing their damage taken. These should be kited and killed as soon as possible. They do NOT heal Precious if they come close to her.

Edit: Forgot, there’s also a fun new version of frogger the first time you go into the Plagueworks.  I’d love to say my whole raid got through death free.  But someone died.  Okay…it was me.  Luckily, the portal to the zone puts you past this.


This is a fairly straightforward fight. There is a 5-minute enrage timer, which shouldn’t be too difficult to reach with decent dps.

The tanks and melee stayed in the middle of the room. Ranged and healers spread out in a semi-circle around the boss. Ranged needs to stand about 10 yards apart to avoid spreading Vile Gas. This will not affect the melee/tanks as long as there are people at range.

The fight requires two tanks, as the boss puts a Gastric Bloat debuff on the current tank. If this debuff stacks to 10 the tank will blow up, killing the tank and doing huge damage to anyone near him. So getting to 10 stacks is bad. Have the 2nd tank taunt off at 8 or so stacks. Once the second tank has aggro, the first should stop attacking, as the debuff on them increases their damage (and threat). The Gastric Bloat debuff lasts for 100 seconds.

Gas Spores
Throughout the fight, two random people will be affected with Gas Spore. After 12 seconds, the spore blows up, doing minor damage to anyone within 8 yards, and also giving the Inoculated buff, reducing shadow damage taken by 25%. Spores will spawn 3 times each “phase”, and everyone should get 3 stacks of the buff.

When the Spores spawned, we had one of the affected targets stack on top of the tank with the melee and one stay outside and have the ranged stack up on them. Once the spore has exploded, ranged should spread out immediately. Note: You cannot get two stacks of the Inoculated buff at a time. We tried having everyone stack on the tanks so both spores exploded on everyone, but only one stack was applied.

Gaseous Blight
Throughout the fight, the room is covered in gas. This gas will do shadow damage to everyone in the raid every two seconds. The damage tick starts off around 3000, but becomes negligible very quickly as Festergut casts Inhale Blight and people get the Inoculated buff.

Inhale Blight increases the boss’s damage and attack speed, and reduces the damage done by Gaseous Blight. After he has inhaled three times, he will cast Pungent Blight on the raid. If people have been slack at getting their Inoculated buffs, this can easily one-shot players. After Pungent Blight is cast, the whole process starts again.

The raid damage on this fight was much lower than expected. The Gaseous Blight tick is significant for a very short period of time and once Inhale Blight has been cast most of your healing will go to the tank. Tank damage got quite heavy and I found myself spamming Nourish more than I’m used to. After the 3rd Inhale, your tanks should be popping their damage mitigation cooldowns, as Festergut’s melee swings can be hitting for upwards of 25000. If raid healing, be sure to keep an eye on the person with Vile Gas.


We only got a few attempts on Rotface, he seems like the harder of the two. He’s similar to Grobbulous. Grobbulous on speed, that is. The fight requires a decent amount of raid awareness on everyone’s part, but it seems like the slime tank/kiter is the one who really makes or breaks the fight. I’ll post more when we’ve had a chance to kill him later this week.

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