Druid Gear Wish List

Here is my ideal gear for my druid. I haven’t included any hard mode drops, since we’re a while away from having access to them, but obviously would prefer those to the normal ones. I know most druids are freaking out about reaching haste cap at the moment, but for the most part, I’m still a spell power nut. I’m sitting at 653 haste at the moment, with 0 points in Celestial Focus, and I’m liking where my healing is. I’m not finding the couple tenths of a second increased GCD an issue at all.

I’m thinking that I will hang on to my 4 pieces of T9 for a while. I’m really liking crit rejuv ticks combined with the Rapid Rejuv glyph, so I’m going to need to see a significant spell power increase before I start replacing the tier slots. The tier 10 bonuses, although the clarification that the 4 piece won’t make rejuvs jump like a PoM was nice, are still completely underwhelming and I include T10 pieces in this list only because they win on the spell power front.

So, here’s my list:

WeaponDying Light (Blood Queen Lana’thel 25). Lots of spell power and a nice chuck of haste. The stam on this staff is also huge, and although not a priority, some extra survivability never hurts.

HelmSanctified Lasherweave Helmet (Frost Emblems). The helm slot is a close one. This is almost identical to Helm of the Elder Moon from Rotface, but wins because of the red socket.

NeckBone Sentinel’s Amulet (Marrowgar 25)

ShouldersSanctified Lasherweave Pauldrons (Frost Emblems)

CloakGreatcloak of the Tuned Champion (Deathbringer Saurfang 25). This is a very minor upgrade over the cloak I currently have. I’ll probably let the rest of my raid get this first, but I’d like to pick this up eventually.

ChestVestments of Spruce and Fir (Frost Emblems). The only piece of emblem gear that I was actually excited about. Direct upgrade over the piece from TotC, and my first emblem purchase.

BracersBracers of Eternal Dreaming (Valithria Dreamwalker 25)

GlovesSanctified Lasherweave Guantlets (Frost Emblems)

BeltProfesser’s Bloodied Smock (Professor Putricide 25)

PantsSancified Lasherweave Legplates (Frost Emblems)

BootsBoots of Unnatural Growth (Gunship Battle 25). Picked these up the other day. Direct upgrade over my boots from TotGC.

Ring 1Memory of Malygos (Sindragosa 25) Not much choice for spirit rings in ICC.

Ring 2Ashen Band of Unmatched Wisdom (Quest) I normally don’t like mp5, but the proc is hard to beat.

Trinket 1Solace of the Deafeated (heroic Jaraxxus 25). I don’t think I’ll be giving this up at all. With this, I can’t burn through my whole mana bar no matter how hard I try.

Trinket 2Althor’s Abacus (Gunship Battle 25). Gunship Battle has been good to me. I picked this up my first week in ICC.  It usually accounts for about 4% of my healing over a raid night, and the overheal isn’t bad.

IdolIdol of the Black Willow (Frost Emblems)

As far as Frost Emblem purchases go, my priority will be:
Vestments of Spruce and Fir – Already bought and paid for.
Idol of the Black Willow – Although it’s not a terribly impressive piece, 22 spell power is better than nothing, and I won’t be using any Emblems on Tier pieces until I get a token for the upgrades. Once I start getting tokens, the order of purchases will probably go like this:
Legs, Shoulders, Gloves, Helm

30-second Rant

I have to complain about the looks of T10 for just a minute.  I can’t help it.  Despite the big spell power and haste increase I saw when I replaced my TotC chest with the new Emblem one, I couldnt help but be a little disappointed at how ugly it was.  The previous tiers all had nice colours and fine detail.  This new set looks like a big, blurry mess.

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  1. Pfft! Looks like every other tier … like a tree!