Welcome to Cannot be Tamed, a World of Warcraft blog dedicated to raiding in general with a focus on resto druids, hunters and whatever else happens to pique my interest.

About me

I have been playing WoW for 3.5 years.  For the last two years I have had the somewhat unique perspective of raiding with two different guilds, one a “casual” Horde guild on a low-pop server, and one a more “serious” Alliance guild on a very high population server.

My Alliance toon is a resto druid named Jasyla.  She was the first character that I created and is still my favourite.  I have been raiding as a resto druid since the end of vanilla WoW, but occasionally dabble in Balance when levelling or for a change in heroics.  My Alliance guild raids 25-mans twice a week, and although we certainly aren’t getting any world firsts, we go through new content at a good pace and clear most hard modes.

My Horde toon is a blood elf hunter named Jasyla (very orignal, right?).  I started raiding with her in the middle of Burning Crusade. After a brief foray into the world of shaman healing at the beginning of Wrath, I have been raiding as a hunter from Ulduar to ICC.  My Horde guild also raids 25-mans twice a week, but is a more family and friend oriented guild, run by a group of RL friends.  We’ve got raiders of many different skill levels and stick to the normal modes.

Why am I blogging?

There are a lot of great WoW blogs and I thought I could contribute by adding my experiences from both the casual and serious sides of raiding. I love discussing gear, boss strats and how to be a better player in general.  I also like to rant occasionally.  Perhaps this blog will prevent me from bombarding my guildmates with emails at work.  But probably not.

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